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Gut Check


Gut Check powder is delicious and very easy to digest. Made from North American grown yellow peas, this product contains no dairy, making it ideal for even the strictest vegetarians. And, it is produced with a natural fermentation process which uses no chemical solvents.



Inflammaquell contains key nutrients that help maintain a healthy homocysteine pathway, allowing for the normal production of necessary and important end products. This formulation includes NatureFolate™, a proprietary blend of naturally occurring folates known to facilitate the efficient metabolism of homocysteine. The mineral zinc is also included in this formulation, because it is a necessary cofactor for the proper support of enzymes in the pathway.

Kick Start


Kick Start is a formula designed to help support healthy blood sugar levels and insulin balance. It combines lipoic acid with the amino acid taurine and biotin -a member of the B vitamin family. Long-term supplementation of lipoic acid may reduce biotin levels because lipoic acid competes for biotin-dependent enzymes. Therefore, it is recommended that they are supplied together. Taurine and biotin also play important roles in fostering healthy insulin function.

Nerve Support


Nerve Support* features the unique mineral, magnesium L-threonate, which is magnesium chelated to threonic acid (a metabolite of vitamin C). Magnesium L-threonate has been found to be superior to other forms of
magnesium at getting through the blood brain barrier, as it is able to transport magnesium molecules across lipid membranes, including brain cells



Pregnenolone is a hormone precursor, which is normally manufactured in the body from cholesterol inside the mitochondria of many different types of cells, such as the brain, retina, myelin sheaths, adrenal gland, liver, skin, thymus and testes or ovaries. Pregnenolone can be converted into numerous other hormones in the body as needed, such as DHEA, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol and aldosterone.

Vitamin D


This product provides a clinically useful dose of vitamin D3, along with bioavailable vitamin K1 (Phytonadione) and K2 (Menaquinone-7). This formula contains high therapeutic doses for situations where more aggressive repletion is required, as determined by a health care practitioner.